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Insights on the modern-day workplace

Apr 12, 2018 | By: Grace Lyman

The Worst Kind of “Bad Boss” According to Employees

What do you think of when you hear “bad boss”? Most likely, you envision someone who yells or demands, who makes employees work long hours or, in extreme cases, mistreats them. What you probably don’t imagine is a boss who does nothing. According to research, however, the most incompetent kind of ...

Apr 4, 2018 | By: Grace Lyman

Loneliness: The New Workplace Epidemic That’s as Bad For Your Employees as Cigarettes

While we might perceive loneliness as a social issue – outside the realm of the workplace – leaders who overlook what researchers are calling the “Loneliness Epidemic” could be facing a major blind spot. Indeed, “loneliness has the same effect as 15 cigarettes a day in terms of ...

Mar 27, 2018 | By: Grace Lyman

Netflix’s “Hands-Off” Management: 5 Reasons it Works

With a stock value that more than tripled in a single year and a subscriber base of over 30 million, Netflix has us asking: How do they do it? According to Patty McCord, Netflix’s retired Chief Talent Officer, the answer is a new spin on talent and culture management (or lack ...

Nov 1, 2017 | By: Grace Lyman

Am I Good Enough? Escaping Our Culture of Comparison

Comparing ourselves to others has obvious evolutionary benefits; indeed, it was imperative for cavemen to know who in the group could run the fastest versus who had the best aim. Today, comparing ourselves to others can positively motivate us to achieve more in our careers and with our families. ...

Oct 18, 2017 | By: Grace Lyman

Why You Focus Better in a Coffee Shop Than in Your Office

Employees’ primary complaint around the workplace is unwanted noise. However, according to new research from Harvard Business Review, it may not be the sound itself, but who is making the sound that makes working in an office so distracting. In the last decade, research has shown that ambient noise has a positive ...

Aug 3, 2017 | By: Grace Lyman

How “I’m Too Busy for Friends” Will Ruin Your Career

Basic research shows that high quality, close relationships bolster our success – personally and professionally. Close friendships go deeper than an acquaintance you have small-talk with at the grocery store; psychologists define close friends as “those non relatives whose birthdays we celebrate, with whom we discuss intimate matters such ...

Jul 12, 2017 | By: Grace Lyman

Think Faster, Learn Quicker in a Few Simple Steps

What is BDNF? Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. This chemical is responsible for keeping your mind in tip-top shape by protecting your cells against damaging factors that deplete their efficiency. When something like stress – something we all encounter – mutilates brain cells, BDNF comes to the rescue. In ...

May 17, 2017 | By: Grace Lyman

If You Want to Focus, Unfocus.

In today’s world of noise and distraction, focus is one of the more coveted traits among leaders. Indeed we chug coffee, drown out office banter with our headphones, and glue our eyes to screens for hours to concentrate on the task at hand. Yet as praised as it is, there ...

May 4, 2017 | By: Grace Lyman

3 Lessons on Love from Bob Goff

In April, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Bob Goff—author of the NYTimes bestseller “Love Does,” global philanthropist and honorary consul to Uganda—for a sold out event. Bob’s visit drew listeners to Wellspire from across the Southeast, and now we know why—his electric energy and empowering stories touched ...

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