From LA to New York City, SoulCycle’s indoor cycling class is among the most popular fitness trends in the country today. Stacey Griffith – one of SoulCycle’s Founding Master Trainers – is one of today’s biggest fitness personalities, as well as an expert motivator and self-empowerment guru. She trains the likes of Kelly Rippa, Brook Shields and Deepak Chopra, and toured with Oprah on her “Live Your Best Life Tour.” But her life wasn’t always so glamorous.

In the 90s, Stacey faced addiction and depression. In 2006, after a chance meeting with the founder of SoulCycle – then just a blip on the map – Stacey left her past behind to become one of the first trainers at the studio. It was her newfound charisma and enthusiasm for life that began shifting SoulCycle to a household name.

Sharing lessons learned on her own wellness journey, Stacey has helped thousands reshape their bodies, while also becoming their best selves—physically, mentally and emotionally. She teaches her students to identify their greatest sense of purpose, and to use their “WHY” to take their performance to peak levels. In releasing her bestselling book, Two Turns From Zero, Stacey offers a blueprint- “Love. Eat. Train. Repeat.” – for feeling healthy, happy and empowered in all areas of your life.

Stacey will speak on:

  • Identifying your big WHY (i.e. your purpose) to inspire peak performance
  • How to combat “can’t” in your daily self-talk
  • How to achieve physical and emotional greatness after loss or failure
  • Her mantra “AOA: Adult Onset Athleticism” – why each and every one of us is an athlete
  • The Importance of finding your “tribe,” the people you surround yourself with who steer you in the direction of your vision
  • Her blueprint for happiness, health and empowerment: “Love, Eat, Train, Repeat”


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