Setting aside time for intentional reflection boosts productivity by 23%

Do you have a reflection practice in place?

Very few of us take the time for self-reflection, especially when more immediate tasks demand our attention. Even fewer companies prompt employees to reflect on past work — and use lessons learned to inform the future. The problem? Without reflection, we get stuck in untested and unconscious patterns that are not serving us — and we never stop long enough to find a better way.

However, new research on the connection between reflection and improved performance is encouraging company leaders around the world to create dedicated “reflection time” for their people. In fact, research shows that the process of reflection boosts the performance of each employee by an average of 23%. Reflection also has the power to shift our attitudes, so that we enter back into familiar environments – like our workplaces – with fresh solutions to problems.

Don’t know how to develop a reflection process for yourself or your company?

Join us on December 8th – individually or as a team – for a research-based, proven reflection process with Executive Coach & Consultant Deb Palmer George. We’ll gather in Wellspire’s inspirational lounge with a community of like-minded individuals with a shared goal: To start 2018 refreshed, with practices that move us toward our vision.

In this workshop, each attendee will:

  • Wrap up 2017 constructively, acknowledging what worked & learning from challenges
  • Practice “Appreciative Inquiry” — a strengths-based approach for analyzing, planning & adapting change
  • Develop a strengths-based plan for 2018

Testimonials From Last Year’s “Create Your Best Year Yet Reflection Workshop”:

“The workshop engages people in conversations that have the potential to yield real action”

“This workshop brings clarity and connection to concepts that seem too big to wrap your head around.”

“Deb’s presence creates a safe learning environment. She offers stories, opportunities to practice, and new knowledge that we can implement immediately. One of the best facilitators I’ve ever had!”

Workshop Agenda:

  • Discovery: Reflect on 2017, celebrating successes and exploring challenges
  • Dream: Create a vision for 2018
  • Design: Create a roadmap to achieve your 2018 vision with specific, actionable goals
  • Destiny: Layout an immediate action plan to achieve your 2018 vision and learn to:
    • Adapt your plan to change without abandoning it
    • Work effectively with adversity, challenge & disappointment
    • Effectively track & measure what matters

Workshop Facilitator: Deb George

Deb Palmer George is an executive coach, organizational development consultant and certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator. She is dedicated to helping her clients thrive, to move in the direction of what they want most – beyond challenges, adversity, and obstacles to create meaningful goals and to achieve great results. By considering the whole system involved in an individual and an organization’s success, Deb guides clients through intentionally positive approaches that address even the most challenging circumstances in an appreciative way. Among these Deb has had the privilege to work with in Middle Tennessee are First Tennessee Bank, BMI, HCA, Nashville Convention and Visitor’s Corp, Vanderbilt University, and many more.